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Monday, June 23, 2008

Year 11 - Legal Studies

7 Ways ATSI

Aboriginal Legal Service



Explain the meaning of Yothu Yindi’s song Treaty

Write a rhyme to remember the nature and purpose of Racial Vilification Laws

Select a Torres Strait Islander song and explain how it differs from Aboriginal songs

Create a music mix of one Aboriginal and one non-Aboriginal track. Suggest why your mix differs from assimilation policies of the post-war era

Organise a rock concert for National Sorry Day. State bands/artists as well as tracks they would play. Evaluate its effectiveness in promoting reconciliation

Aboriginal Legal Service

Explain the influence of these Aboriginal People:
- Pat O’Shane
- Warren Mundine

Explain the doctrine of Terra Nullius. Then Survey 5 students and 5 staff about their views on Terra Nullius

Circle Sentencing

Create a list of five questions you would ask Pemulwuy if you met him. Who was he? Explain why you would ask these questions.

Investigate the nature and purpose of Aboriginal Land Councils.
Evaluate their effectiveness. Include discussion of inalienable title

Identify three Conventions or Treaties which seek to recognise the Collective Right to Self Determination

Explain the nature and purpose of the ‘Anunga rules

Present a 300 word summary of the influence of Aboriginal customary law on the Australian legal system

Create your own Preamble to the Constitution in 500 words. Be inclusive of Aboriginal perspective.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Year 10 English - Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Burning is a 1988 crime drama film based on the investigation into the real-life murders of three civil rights workers in the U.S. state of Mississippi in 1964.

Background information

Ku Klux Klan


Robert Kennedy

Lyndon B Johnson

Martin Luther King

J Edgar Hoover

Mississippi Freedom schools

Civil rights movement

Segregation in the US

Mississippi (state)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


In preparation for your first viewing of Remember the Titans research to find answers to the following questions:

Contextual Reference 1: Martin Luther King Jnr
a) Who was Martin Luther King Jnr?
b) What did he do?
c) What was his attitude to racial segregation in the United States?
d) What action did Martin Luther King Jnr take to improve race relations?


Contextual Reference 2: Black Power Salute
a) What was the Black Power Salute?
b) Who was involved?
c) When and where did this salute happen?
d) Why did the athletes make this salute?
e) What did the salute represent?


Contextual Reference 3: The Battle of Gettysburg
a) The Battle of Gettysburg was part of the American civil war – Why did the civil war begin? Who was fighting who? About what?
b) How many casualties were there?
Website: (Read page 1 and 2)

Contextual Reference 4: The Integration of Schools
Go to the following website

a) What happened in 1971?
b) Click on the word ‘integration’ and explain what this event, as part of the civil rights movement, referred to?