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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Volcanoes Year 9 Science

Volcano World
Great information including photos and movies of current and recent eruptions and interactive lesson plans and activities.

Forces of Nature ? Interactive ? National Geographic
Excellent graphic explanation of different volcano types and simulated eruptions for several of these. Includes case studies of specific volcanoes, with video footage and still photos.

Exploring Earth Visualisations
See Chapter 9 for Volcanos.

Erupting Volcano ? Drag and Drop Activity
See how quickly you can label all parts of this active volcano model.

Anatomy of a Volcano
Animation of process of eruption.

Why Volcanoes Explode
Simple animation of two types of volcano ? runny magma and sticky magma.

Hot Topics - Disasters ? Volcanoes
Explanation of volcanoes. Disaster knowledge quiz.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Year 10 Hindu Beliefs and Practices

Funeral Traditions Across Religions

Hindu Death and Cremation

Hindu Funerals

Hindu Death Rituals and Beliefs

Hinduism and Life After Death