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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Justice and Peace - Year 9 RE Task

Part 1 of your task asks you to:
Select a country involved in an armed conflict (war). Examples include: Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, or any other nation currently involved in an armed conflict.

Part 2 outlines what should be included in your prepared speech. The first two points are:
  • Identify the country/countries involved in the conflict
  • Briefly explain what the conflict is about

Here are four links which will help you to research these parts of your task. Remember that your information must be CURRENT and BRIEF. Browse the information available and then choose your country. Take notes in POINT FORM and remember to keep a record of your sources for your BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Flash Point - World Conflicts
Published by a non-profit media organisation, this site gives background information on 40 conflicts. There are also links to organisations, like the United Nations, and specific links for each conflict.

The World Fact Book
This site is maintained by the CIA and was last updated in May this year. Country entries begin with a brief background note giving an account of the state of the nation.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Up to date country information is available here, with background to current events.

Smart Traveller
This site is maintained by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It has travel advisories on countries of the world, which are updated frequently.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Education Gateway Sites

EduHound and Edna are two education gateway sites excellent for finding internet material suitable for classroom use. Both have rich materials for teachers and students at all levels. Return to Library.