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Monday, March 15, 2010

Aluminium: Year 8

image: may 5, 2008
Design and Technology - Metal

Books and Encyclopedia
World Book Encyclopedia - Encyclopedia stand (Aluminium)
Relevant dewey numbers - 669 (use content and index)

Recommended Websites:

- Aluminium Fact Sheet
Good article from the Minerals Council of Australia.

- Aluminium
Includes uses, properties, a map of Australia and a simplified description of the production process.

All the facts you need and some interesting extra information.

Steel: Year 8 Design and Technology - Metal

image: may 5, 2008
Useful resources include:
Wikipedia – (the free on line encyclopedia)

Key search terms:
Steel production
Iron ore
Mining australia
Galvanizing advantages
Galvanizing benefits
Galvanized steel

Useful links:

Interactive map

Bluescope steel corporate information for students.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interactive web based educational software resources aimed at helping students understand the key concepts and relationships in ferrous metallurgy