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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Australiana Collage

image: May 12, 2008
Australiana Collage - Year 9 English

Use these links to choose your song:

True Blue John Willliamson

I was only 19 Redgum

Island Home Christine Anu

Waltzing Matilda Banjo Patterson

Land Down Under Men at Work

Sounds of Then Gangajangs

I've been Everywhere Lucky Star

Working Class Man Jimmy Barnes

Road to Gundagai Slim Dusty

Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport Rolf Harris

Great Southern Land Ice House

Treaty Yothu Yindi

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Religion and Ethics

Religion and Ethics at BBC - Buddhism
Issues include: abortion, animals, capital punishment, contraception, euthanasia and suicide, organ donation, war.

For other religions on this site see here. Or to start from the issue see here.

RE-XS Ethics and Moral Issues
Choose your issue to find links to different religious points of view.

Scalone's Science - What is the solution?

The Mixtures Lab
Try some virtual experiments with mixtures and separation.

Chemical Interactions
Have some fun with mixtures. Login is manly password lab.

Grumpy in the Desert
In this activity you can use several methods of separating sand/water and tea/iron filings in order to make a cup of tea. It uses a filter, centrifuge, distillation and magnet.

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